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Neck Lift Procedures


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Neck lift procedures are designed to rejuvenate the aging neck. Common complaints of the aging neck are “turkey neck” or hanging tissue in the anterior neck. Loss of jawline definition is another complaint. Excess fat in the neck or jowl area is another problem. Multiple procedures have been designed to correct the aging neck ranging from liposuction alone, to muscle and skin tightening, or neck suspension with permanent sutures. A thorough physical exam will reveal the specific anatomic problems and help guide which surgical procedure will be recommended.

How do Neck Lift Procedures Work?

Neck lift procedures are typically performed under anesthesia in an outpatient setting. They are often combined with a facelift or other facial procedures. The operation lasts around two hours and post-operative pain is very tolerable usually subsiding completely by three days. Incisions are well concealed. The results of a neck lift are typically long lasting.

Advanced Neck Lift Procedures

Dr. Cappuccino proud to offer the Giampapa neck suspension operation. Dr. Cappuccino trained under renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Vincent Giampapa and has a very broad experience with surgical neck rejuvenation. This procedure suspends drooping neck tissue using a surgically created ligament.

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